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Empowering Technologies, a US based company, brings you innovative industrial solutions and manufacturing processes for

We are promoting and distributing solutions and processes from our sister companies GEBE2, SONATS and SONIMAT. Our team offers you turnkey solutions, support, and expertise to implement innovative, and reliable technologies.

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Opération-manuelle-de-parachèvement-de-soudure | SONATS


Increase Performance

Prevent Crack

Extend Lifetime

We provide peening solutions using our STRESSONIC® technology. Three different processes have been developed : Ultrasonic Shot Peening (USP), Ultrasonic Peen Forming (UPF), and Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT). Empowering Technologies experts will advise you on the choice of technology according your application.

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Robotic-sanding-of-composite-materials | GEBE2


Improve Productivity

Flexible Workcycle

Upgrade Quality

Industrial robotics and innovative ultrasonic processes are the ideal choice for the manufacturing and finishing operations of your composite materials. We offer robotized processes for sanding and acoustic drilling as well as handheld systems and embeddable end-effector for ultrasonic cutting and welding.

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Spin welding for thermoplastics - Spin welders


Enhance welding

Reduce Time Cycle

Guaranteed Repeatability

We provide you with thermoplastic welding solutions with a full range of standard welders using spin welding, hot plate welding and infrared welding processes.

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