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Robotic accoustic drilling of composite panels | GEBE2

Robotized Acoustic Drilling for composites panels

Since years, GEBE2 stands as a leader for robotic drilling of acoustic panels dedicated to aircraft nacelle. The production of holes is made with drilling effectors equipped with multispindle such as cutters or drills. This is a proven process that can be applied on composites (monolithic skin and sandwich panels).

Robotic-machining | GEBE2

Robotized Composite Machining

Machining is nowadays a very widespread operation in the production of parts. Precision requirements, production rates, as well as the complexity and geometry of parts require automation of this process. Find more about our our end-effectors, spindles and see a complete designed robotic cell for machining large parts.

Robotic-sanding-of-composite-materials | GEBE2

Robotized Composite Sanding

GEBE2 has developed a sanding robot working referring to a smart effector able to reproduce man’s gesture with a similar precision and sensitivity,  a specific programming methods and automated management of sanding consumables.

Automated-ultrasonic-composite-cutting | SONIMAT

Ultrasonic Composite Cutting - Automated Solutions

Our ultrasonic process offers many benefits in shaping composites: no fraying, no chipping, no heat deterioration, increased tool life time … Our composite cutting technology can be embedded on CNC machine, cutting table and robot cell.

Manual-ultrasonic-composite-and-welding-equipment | SONIMAT

Ultrasonic Composite Cutting and Welding - Handheld equipment

Our ultrasonic portative system (SSP) allows to cut dry fibers, prepreg material and honeycomb core up to 25 mm thick and. Moreover, our model allows welding and assembly operations on composite and thermoplastic materials (PEEK, PA, PEI, ...) and pre-positionning of thermosetting composites. It uses innovative ultrasonic technology, fully developped by SONIMAT for 25 years.

Automated-ultrasonic-composite-cutting | SONIMAT

Ultrasonic Cutting - Cutting and surfacing effector (nomex/aluminum honeycomb)

The ultrasonic generator sends an ultrasonic signal to the cutting/surfacing effector. The generator automatically adjust itself to the proper frequency of the tool.

face mask ultrasonic welding

Breathing Masks - Ultrasonic welding and cutting

For the production of respiratory masks (surgical, thermoformed, FFP2, FFP3, N95 and KN95), SONIMAT provides ultrasonic solutions for cutting and welding intermittently or continuously at high speed. Discover our manufacturing solutions and advantages.

ultrasonic toolings and components

Ultrasonic toolings and components

Discover in this brochures all of our ultrasonic components available for sale for your cutting and welding applications : generators, converters, boosters, sonotrodes, anvils, etc. We also manufacture customized components for your specific application.

Shot-peening | SONATS

Maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions (MRO)

Our MRO solutions can be applied on aircraft structures, engines, landing gears, blades and other components. Our solutions are suitable for commercial and military aircrafts to fit aerospace quality requirement.


Ultrasonic Impact Treatment - Bridges and Infrastructures

Fatigue life improvement of bridge welds with ultrasonic impact treatment.

NOMAD-Ultrasonic-Impact-Treatment-equipment | SONATS

Ultrasonic Impact Treatment - Handheld NOMAD equipment

NOMAD, our portable ultrasonic impact treatment system is designed to treat on-site but also in manufacturing workshop.

Ship construction & repair | EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES

Ultrasonic Impact Treatment - Ship Repair Services

Miller Marine (ABR certified) and Empowering Technologies (Ultrasonic peening OEM) have exclusively partnered to offer turnkey ship repair services to the naval industry.

Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

Ultrasonic Impact Treatment - White paper - Fatigue life improvement of welded structures by

This document describes SONATS research, in-field experiences and knowledge about Ultrasonic Needle Peening (UIT/HFMI). It is dedicated to any people (engineers, welders, operators, controllers) who are interested in this process.

STRESSVOYAGER® UNS - Ultrasonic shot peen forming equipment on mobile carriage | SONATS

Ultrasonic Needle Straightening / Peen Forming - Handheld STRESSVOYAGER® equipment

The STRESSOVYAGER® UNS allows straightening and forming operations in your workshop with a very high ease of use.

Customized-machine-Shot-peening-treatment-for-transmission-shaft | SONATS

Ultrasonic Shot Peening - Engine & Transmission

Ultrasonic Shot Peening (STRESSONIC® technology) differs from the conventional techniques by the way the kinetic energy is given to the media thrown against the metal surface to be treated by multiple impacts. Instead of using air flow or high speed turbine, STRESSONIC® is using the acceleration [...]

STRESSVOYAGER® UNS - Ultrasonic shot peen forming equipment on mobile carriage | SONATS

Ultrasonic Shot Peening - Handheld STRESSVOYAGER® equipment

The STRESSVOYAGER® is a portable ultrasonic shot peening equipment for in-situ treatment of simple and complex geometry parts.

Nanocrystallisation by ultrasonic shot peening | SONATS

Ultrasonic Shot Peening - Nanocrystallisation

The application of nanocrystallisation by ultrasonic shot peening can be related to two objectives (surface treatment and post-treatment).

Ex-situ-Subcontract-shot-peening | SONATS

Ultrasonic Shot Peening - Process Understanding

Ultrasonic Shot Peening (USP) process differs from Conventional Shot Peening by the way the kinetic energy is given to the media.  Instead of using a constant air flow, gravity or a high speed rotation of a turbine, USP is using...

Shot-peening | SONATS

Ultrasonic Shot Peening - Turbines

EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES has developped an innovative and efficient technology (STRESSONIC®), only one process consistent with technical aerospace standards.

infrared welding for thermoplastics

HPW range - Hot Plate and Infrared welding machines

Our range of HPW presses (hotplate or infrared welding) has been designed to meet the most demanding specifications: fast electrical axis, short cycle time, repeatability of welds [...]


RSW range - Spin welding machines

Our range of RSW machines (rotary friction welding) has been designed to meet the most demanding specifications: accurate angular orientation and collapse distance, reduction of cycle time, repeatability of welds. We fulfill those criteria with a dual servo welder.

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