Reinforce bridge structures and extend their fatigue life with UIT

The 22 Sep 2023
For over a decade, Empowering Technologies has been at the forefront of infrastructure enhancement, working with the Department of Transportation in states facing critical infrastructural challenges. Our mission: Reinforce bridge structures and extend their fatigue life. In collaboration with :  Advancing Bridge Sustainability: Ultrasonic Impact Treatment's Role in Reinforcing Structures…

Ultrasonic Shot Peening Training with Pratt & Whitney

The 05 May 2023
We were thrilled to welcome the Pratt & Whitney USA team to our facility for a training session on our cutting-edge Ultrasonic Shot Peening technology. It was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and expertise, and we look forward to collaborating on new projects in the coming years. Thank you…

Turnkey robotic sanding cell for McStarlite

The 22 Aug 2022
GEBE2 and EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES designed, manufactured, and commissioned a turnkey robotic sanding cell to McStarlite, the world’s leading producer of aircraft engine nacelle lipskins since 1973. "With automation [and this new cell], McStarlite are now able to deliver consistent and accurate parts at a fraction of the time, ultimately allowing…

New teaming agreement with Dynamic NDT

The 21 Jul 2022
Dynamic Non-Destructive Testing Inc. and Empowering Technologies (Ultrasonic Peening OEM) have partnered to offer turnkey services to the industry. From crack detection to fatigue life improvement our services include: Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT certified operators and inspectors) Non Destructive Testing (Level II, and III)

Face shortage of protective equipment – You can rely on us !

The 19 Apr 2020
Facing the high-demand from PPE manufacturers, Empowering Technologies, located near Birmingham (AL), provides ultrasonic welding module and a full range of ultrasonic spare parts.  ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY Ultrasonic welding and cutting for fabric materials For the production of respiratory masks (surgical, thermoformed, FFP2, FFP3, N95 and KN95), SONIMAT provides ultrasonic solutions…

Welds: A Favorite Topic – Article by Jack Champaigne

The 05 Mar 2020
Regarding Shot Peening, Jack Champaigne is a recognized expert in this field and also has done extensive work with standardization processes in the SAE. In the latest issue of The Shot Peener Magazine, Mr. Champaigne discusses his meetings with Dr Robert J. Connor from Purdue University and with Julien Jeanneau,…

Recent update of AASHTO LRFD Bridge Construction Specifications

The 12 Nov 2019
In the United States of America many welded components on existing bridges are prone to fatigue failure. The US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) estimates that $76 billion is necessary to repair deficient bridges throughout the country. Research conducted by Purdue University in 2018 has shown that Ultrasonic impact treatment is a highly…

New partnership with Miller Marine

The 10 Sep 2018
Miller Marine (NAVSEA and ABS certified welders) and Empowering Technologies (Ultrasonic Peening OEM) have exclusively partnered to offer turnkey ship repair services to the naval industry. Specialized in sensitized 5XXX and 6XXX aluminum repairs, our services include: Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT certified operators and inspectors) Weld repair (NAVSEA and ABS…

New project on UNP capabilities – Application on bridges

The 08 Dec 2016
Steel welded bridges are subject to fatigue failure, Ultrasonic Needle Peening is probably the most suitable process to improve the fatigue life of new or in service bridges. In partnership with the Bowen Lab of Purdue University (Indiana, USA), SONATS and EMPOWERING TECHNLOGIES began a project to demonstrate the capability of UNP process on…

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